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Drying and Co-Product Utilization
Adding value to co-products is essential for maximizing a plant's bottom line. This is particularly important as co-product markets begin to saturate as more processing capacity comes on-line. Applied Milling Systems offers the following technologies to help make your milling and fractionation facilities more dynamic and profitable.

Fluid-Bed Drying with Optional Double-Cyclonic Husk Furnace
Fluid-bed dryers are one of the most efficient means of rapidly decreasing moisture in cereal grains and corn germ. The design of the dryer is specifically made for the gentle handling of grains and corn germ. When applied properly with tempering, grain milling yields may be increased. This is particularly true in rice. Other benefits of fluid-bed drying include reduced drying time, lower fuel consumption, improved moisture uniformity, and reduced storage infestation.

Double-Cyclonic Husk Furnace
The double-cyclonic husk furnace is utilized as a heat source for process air in drying systems. The furnace utilizes high energy process by-products such as rice hulls, corn hulls, wheat midds, barley husk, and milo bran to eliminate the use of volatile-market fossil fuels such as diesel and natural gas. Each furnace can generate in excess of 11,000,000 BTU/hr. Ideal applications for the fluid-bed/husk furnace are the use of rice hulls to generate the heat required for paddy rice drying and the use of corn hulls to generate heat for corn germ drying.

The combustion is highly efficient and the double cyclonic design creates an air/husk vortex which generates clean, hot air. The spiraling vortex of air allows the ash to fall to the bottom of the furnace where it is emitted 'cool-to-the-touch' at less than 35C (95F). The solid-fuel is regulated with an inverter with pid control to ensure a stable hot air supply. The furnaces allow a compact installation and may be used with various types of dryers.

Feed Milling
Feed milling can add value to co-products such as corn bran, germ cake, DDGS, wheat bran, milo bran, and others. Feed milling can provide solutions to the cattle, poultry, swine, and aqua-culture industries while also addressing bulk-density and storage problems that some processors may face. Some of the core feed milling equipment which AMS provides are the following:

Proudly offering the following equipment for your various processing applications:

Hammermill MSB
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Vertical Hammermill MSV
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Extruder X-TRU
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Horizontal Mixer MO/2
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Pellet Mill QB
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Quick Mixer
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