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Golfetto Sangati

Golfetto Sangati develops, builds and installs turnkey plants of durum and wheat mills, maize mills, animal feed plants, rice mills, ship loading and unloading systems, storage for raw materials and finished products. Based in the heart of Veneto in Northern Italy, It represents a strong industrial entity which answers to the market's requirements in a competitive way and with technologically advanced solutions, originated from extensive research, experience and know-how of all the processes.

There are thousands of Golfetto Sangati milling installations worldwide. Applied Milling Systems works closely with Golfetto Sangati to provide support and spare parts specifically for the North American installations. The former equipment lines that we also work hand in hand to support include the GBS, Golfetto, and Sangati brands.

We are often asked for clarification between the brands we support and the Sangati Berga brand. The Sangati Berga brand is a completely different brand located in Brazil. We do not offer support and spare parts for that brand and it should not be assumed that their parts are inter-changeable with the Golfetto Sangati, GBS, Golfetto, and Sangati brand parts.



Golfetto, originally founded in Padua, specialized in the engineering of cereal manufacturing plants. Its foundation is the starting point from which all future events took place.



Several years after Golfetto’s foundation, was Sangati’s formation.  In just a few years, Sangati became a renowned name in the milling industry.



Berga S.p.A was set up. At first the company specialized in milling machines and silos. It then widened its business to the animal feed production, becoming a recognized leader in the engineering and building of mills, animal feed plants, cereal storage and handling for harbor terminals during the 1970’s.

Berga S.p.A


The GBS Group was founded by integrating the Golfetto, Sangati, and Berga brands. Merging these historical Italian manufacturers resulted in an integration of engineering, state-of-the-art equipment designs and technical know-how.



Pavan, a world leader in pasta processing technology, acquires the assets of GBS, giving birth to the current Golfetto Sangati.

Golfetto Sangati


Golfetto Sangati, and the entire Pavan Group, becomes part of the German-based GEA.  Strengthened by the membership of the GEA group, Golfetto Sangati can count on the technical, commercial, and financial structure enabling them to achieve their ambitious customer-satisfaction objectives.

GEA - Golfetto Sangati

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