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Other Industries

Other Industries

Outside of the milling industry, Applied Milling Systems has been involved in a number of projects from oil field to cement packaging. There are many opportunities for our experienced staff to help improve and update your facilities.


  • Cleaning

  • Size Reduction

  • Sizing / Classification

  • Density Separators

  • Dust Control

  • Packaging Operations

  • Dehulling

  • Grinding

  • GA Updates

  • Optical Sorting

  • Grocery Waste

  • Drying

  • Extrusion

  • Biomass Furnaces

  • By-Product Utilization

  • Blending

  • Flow Diagram

Detail 3D-Design

Applied Milling Systems has full detail design capabilities. AMS has a technical experience to generate structural and electrical drawings and documentation to enable qualified mechanical, electrical, and automation contractors to bring the plant to life.

Plant Upgrades

Whether the challenge at hand is capacity, yield, energy efficiency, or a particular limitation within the plant, we have the experience to analyze the process and provide solutions.

Need help with design on a project?

Get an industry expert's help!

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